About Our Community

Nestled between Elm Lane and Rea Road in the Ballantyne area of Charlotte Windsor Oaks is a mixed community of 156 single story condominium homes. The homes range in size from approximately 1395 square feet to 2,886 square feet depending on the model.


64 units are the Ascot           house 1,395 sf, sunroom 132 sf,     garage 520 sf

56 units are the Belmont      house 1,489 sf, sunroom 132 sf,     garage 520 sf

30 units are the Edinburg     house 1,837 sf, sunroom 210 sf,     garage 503 sf

6 units are the Windsor        house 1682 sf, lower floor 1204 sf, garage 560 sf


Every home on the outside appears identical, however on the inside they are all different.  All models have at least two bed rooms, two baths, attached two car garages and sun room except for the Windsor which has a deck. They’re four homes per cluster each home separated by a two-car garage on one side and a double off-set fire wall bordering the kitchen and bathroom areas on the other side for maximum noise reduction.

The Windsor Oaks Home Owners Association of Mecklenburg, Inc. maintains the outside walls and roofs of our condominium homes plus the common areas.

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